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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Story of the monkey (posted by Priya Deelchand)

A monkey that had climbed on the roof
of a house summoned all the passers by.

He made great gestures, rolled up its lips,
made the clown, joining Pirouettes and making
funny faces specific of its nature.

Soon a crowd piled up to the house, and an
external observer saw all the faces raised
towards the monkey, split by a great smile.

After the monkey had left, an ant-eater who
would've given anything for a bit of popularity,
took its place on the roof and tried to imitate
the monkey.

In a few minutes the crowd had dispersed.
Scarcely had the ant-eater succeeded in making
some teeth squeak and making fun of the curious,
he was trying to imitate the monkey and dislocated
a leg as well as broke several tiles.

"Go back to your den you will be more useful
there!" they shouted at him or still: "who called
you, ant-eater, to make us laugh, you're not really
that gifted."

The owner of the house was furious and sent
2 servants armed with brooms to thrash the intruder.

The only thing that the ant-eater got for trying
to imitate the monkey was a broken leg, a pressed
horn and bruises all over, which amused the monkey.

Moral: Appearances are deceptive. Don't try to
be someone you're not.

" The appearance is the clothing of the personality.
Uncovered, we finally recognize it for what it is."
Mark Durggel

- Author unknown-
Posted by Priya Deelchand

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