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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Listen to your heart (posted by Priya Deelchand)

Every year Father Cornillo opened the
vestry of his little country church and
received visits from the young people
of neighbouring villages.

They came from far to receive advice
and to learn about what to meditate on.

One day, a young girl from a good
family knelt at the feet of the priest.
"Father," she said, "I want to become a
saint. What should I do?"

"Follow your heart, and never deviate
from what it tells you," Father
Cornillo replied.

The girl was pleased with the advice.
'How easy it is to become a saint,' she
thought. 'All I have to do is listen to
what my heart says.'

But before she could get up and leave
the church, the priest added, "To
follow you heart you will have to be
very strong, and your life will be full
of sacrifice."

Father Cornillo was perfectly right:
listening to your heart requires
tremendous willpower.

It is not a question of living
according to what you feel like doing
day by day. On the contrary, you have
to seek out the wisdom of your heart,
and never give up. You cannot be
satisfied with little victories, and
you must not fall prey to self

Listening to your heart means being
hard on yourself, and never trying to
circumvent its moral requirements.

Author Unknown
Posted by Priya Deelchand

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